Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow Systems are typically designed to provide FIFO (first in - first out) order picker access to high volume full pallet and/or full case products in a picking system.  Pallets are loaded on the charge (load) end of a lane by fork lift and transfer safely, at a controlled pace, to the discharge (pick) end for selection. Lanes can be configured in a variety of depths depending on the volume and weight of specific products.. This product is deigned to provide years of mainatenance free operation by utilization of  Heavy Duty Rollers and load control devices. Some advantages of this product include...

  • Cost efficient storage and selection of high volume full pallet and/or full case products
  • Ideal for material with expiration dates
  • Provides continuous replenishment of high volume products to order picker  
  • HIgh density storage confirguration maximizes usable storage space.
  • Provides space, manpower and utilities savings.